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Food Preservation, Safety & Shelf Life
Curtis & Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the Food Preservation, Safety, & Shelf Life Extension Summit on January 20th-21th in Barcelona. This premier B2B event brings together from Food & Beverage industry to share their latest strategies on how to drive workable solutions and innovations ensuring carriers not only survive but also prosper in this new era. Summit explore key challenges and opportunities in the successful implementation of innovative shelf-life extension technologies, and showcase novel technological advances powering the new wave of solutions for preventing food loss. Bringing together key decision-makers from all parts of the supply chain, including growers, packers, distributors, retailers, biotech, food tech and academia, this is a conversation not to miss. We are looking forward to meeting you all in Barcelona on January 20th-21th

5 Reasons to Join: • 1) Discover the changing market drivers & consumer trends reshaping the fresh produce industry, to align your strategy with future consumer purchasing patterns. • 2) Determine how to effectively integrate next-generation post-harvest technologies into your current supply chain to leverage shelf-life, quality & sustainability benefits for your produce. • 3) Understand the potential of novel shelf-life extension innovations with key case studies from leading stakeholders across the value chain, to inform your future implementation decisions. • 4) Discover how to best assess the effectiveness & viability of novel technologies, understanding how to measure shelflife improvements accurately & objectively. • 5) Explore consumer perception of shelf-life extension technologies & discuss how best to communicate with them to ensure they respond positively, increasing sales.


Overview of Produce Loss & Waste: Drivers, Challenges & Importance of Innovation

Reimagine the Future of Insurance

Extending Shelf-Life of Fresh Produce - A Retailer’s Perspective

The Future of Next Generation Active Packaging

The Untapped Impact Potential of Edible Coatings

Catalysing Critical Funding to Fight Food Waste


Biotechnology Companies

Regulatory Bodies

Fresh Produce Growers

Investors Fresh Produce Packers & Distributors

Packaging Manufacturers Global Retailers Logistics

Tracking & Software Providers

Academics & Research Institutions

Post-harvest Technology Providers

Consumer Trend Analysts Consultants


Food Packaging Companies

Food Processing Companies

Production & Consumption

Waste Management

Food Chemical Substances & Additives

Keynote Speakers
Marcello Pezzi

Product Safety Director at DS Smith

Henry Gordon Smith

CEO at Agritecture

Denis Treacy

CEO at Culture Compass

Laurent Foldes

Global Market Development Manager Labels

Francisco Palma Gavilán

Founder at PolyNatural

Justin Creasy

Sales and Technical Director at It’s Fresh

Lalitha R Sivasundaram

Head of Technical at Taiko Foods Ltd

Antro Säilä

CEO at Pakkaus

Balunkeswar Nayak

Thermal Process Authority at Mizkan America

Matthias Kaiser

Professor at University of Bergen

Anita Juric

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology, University of Mostar

Aidan Mouat

CEO at Hazel Technologies

Katherine Sizov

CEO & Founder of Strella Biotechnology

Jan Verschoor

Consultant Postharvest Technology at Wageningen University & Research

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