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Hazardous Substance Management
Curtis & Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the Hazardous Substance Management & Compliance Summit scheduled for October 7th -8th Barcelona, Spain This premier B2B event brings together experts in the industry to share their latest strategies on how to drive workable solutions and innovations ensuring carriers not only survive but also prosper in this new era.

5 Reasons To Attend • 1) Receive latest updates on latest legislation and regulations on handling Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substance to reduce impact on misconduct compliance • 2) Discover the latest advanced Dangerous Goods waste disposal management to track illegal storage of hazardous substances material, explosives handling & mine safety • 3) Acquire practical insights, proven solutions and effective emerging technology in Dangerous Goods detection, storage and transport to aid in managing risk and safety in Dangerous Goods & Hazardous material & environment • 4) Determine the best technology and strategy that optimize your risk management measurement in handling dangerous goods and hazardous substance as well as preventive action in unwanted incidents • 5) Engage and network with some of most innovative minds in the thriving times of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous substances solutions and activities


Latest Updates on EU Chemical Compliance

SCIP Reporting of Complex Products

Smart Product Planning & Eco-Design Strategies

Managing risk and safety in Dangerous Goods & Hazardous material & environment Fraud Prevention

Testing for Substance for Very High Concern

New EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN)


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