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Sugar Reduction Technologies Summit
Curtis & West Group is pleased to invite you to the Sugar Production Technologies and Innovations Summit in Berlin, scheduled for December 13th-14th, 2021. The upcoming B2B event will bring together experts to discuss a number of solutions to specific tasks for the application and implementation of the latest breakthrough technologies for reducing and replacing sugar in consumer food products that provide productivity, functionality while remaining cost-effective.

If you want to acquire new knowledge, get acquainted with the regulatory US / EU updates, latest developments, and from various stakeholders of this field and demonstrate your own and find potential partnerships, we will be happy to welcome you to the Sugar Reduction Technologies and Innovations Summit, scheduled for December 13th-14th in Berlin!


Latest technologies and innovations in sugar replacement and sugar reduction, as well as sweetener, precision fermentation and modulation technologies

Legal regulation updates of products with a reduced sugar content and study the key changes in the regulatory framework

Problems with the recipe and production when reducing and replacing sugar, including taste, function, stability and calorie content

New methods for reducing the sugar content in food and beverages

Researches on sugar reduction including flavour modulation with plant-based sweeteners and low-caloric sugars


Pioneering academics


Investment Principals


Food & Beverage Companies

Biotechnology Companies

Research Institutions

Ingredient Suppliers

Consumer Trend Analysts

Regulatory Bodies


Food and beverages


Food additives

Flavour & Fragrance

Keynote Speakers
Ari Melamud

CEO at DouxMatok

Ilan Samish

Founder & CEO at Amai Proteins

Josh Silverman

CEO at Aromyx Corporation

Alex Woo

CEO at W2O Food Innovation

Matthew Godfrey

CEO at Nutrition Innovation

Ed Rogers

CEO at Bonumose

Media Partners