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Animal Gut Forum
Curtis & Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the Animal Gut Forum scheduled for February 24th - 25th in Vienna. The upcoming B2B event will bring together experts on animal gut health, microbiota, and nutrition to share the most advanced microbiome and probiotic research, nutritional and therapeutic solutions regarding the gut microbiome of animals, phage therapy, and diversity in animal gut health.

Don't miss the discussion between animal feed and therapeutic developers, on such topics as new discoveries in the field of sequencing and bioinformatics, animal metabolomics, biomarkers, etc., staying more competitive and innovative in the animal gut microbiome and nutrition. If you want to learn more from leading scientists in the field of animal microbiome and probiotics, demonstrate interesting developments in your research, or find partnerships and funding in the industry, we will be happy to welcome you to the Animal Gut Forum scheduled for February 24th - 25th in Vienna!


Integration of microbiome products into meat protein and veterinary practice

Diversity in animal gut health and phage therapy

High-performance non-medicated nutritional solutions for animals

Advanced tools for interpreting and using intestinal health data sets

Microbiome potential in aquaculture

Regulatory aspects in the case of microbiological products

Using bioinformatic datasets to transform product development

Diagnostics and biomarkers in case of product development

New research results in the field of microbiota and animal metabolomics

Effect of prebiotics, probiotics, feed additives on animal microbiota

Nutritional feed additives that support animal healthy gut

Reducing microbiome and methane emissions

Replacing the use of growth-promoting antibiotics

New discoveries in the field of sequencing and bioinformatics


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