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Our Values

We specialize in organizing high-quality business events, which provide only need-to-know information from leading industries’ experts.
Our long-term research of industries’ needs and special selection of speakers ensure that we will bring the best content with latest techniques into your company.
Each event provides you with the necessary tools to improve short term results, whilst simultaneously designing robust future strategies.

Selfless Service

We celebrate generosity and selflessness by putting the success of each client and event before ourselves.


We are committed to performing at our highest potential and devotional every day in what we believe.

Continuous Improvement

There is no limit to excellence, so we are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving.


Everything we do, we do with passion and smile. Positive attitude is at the heart of Curtis & Wyss

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and deliver auspicious business information, which will help companies resolve short-term issues and open new long-term perspectives.
We are dedicated to providing a premier venue with leading-edge innovations and exceptional hospitality.

Our Vision

We are streaming to be the leading business solution provider. Our vision is to help executives find real-world, timely, need-to-know solutions and become their trusted source of knowledge, ideas exchange and networking.
While we are located in Prague, we are excited to perform premier events around Europe, USA, MENA, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world.

Why you should attend our conferences and summits