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F.C.Inter Milano about Sport Analytics

F.C.Inter Milano about Sport Analytics

General Secretary of F.C. Internazionale Milano, Massimo Cosentino shared with us some insights regarding how sport analitics Affect Inter Milan operation.

Massimo Cosentino also is one of our valuable speakers European Sport Analytics Summit, scheduled on October 05 – 06, 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

Mr. Cosentino is Doctor in International Political Sciences and Specialist in Sport Organization. His experience in Sport Industry begins in 2005. From year 2014 Dr. Cosetino is Head of Sport Technical Services, Event Manager and TMS Manager at F.C. Internazionale. He is responsible for Organisation of the matches, football players contracts, relations between the club and the Italian F.A., Italian League, international clubs and federations.

Dr. Cosentino states that F.C. Intern use Analytics in every day of their operation. “We have a team which every day analyses next opponents giving to coach staff updated data. Another team analyses our personal team data.  It is vital important to possess latest data what helps to identify strengths and weaknesses. With analytics we can resolve current issues and open new future perspectives. Next season I think we will also have a small team for youth department.”

What is the main contribution can analytics make to sport

The main contribution is trying to predict individual as well as team performance. Analytics also can advance the sports fans' experience as teams and ticket vendors compete with the at-home experience -- the better they know their fans, the better they can cater to them.

- How Analytics impacts the world of sport today?

Analytics and statistics have played a big part in sport for a long time now, where scores and gameplay are reviewed to help make improvements for future games and to help work out the odds of winning. However, sports professionals often have to make split-second decisions. Although this can be based on experience, humans cannot compete with technology.

How widespread the use of analytics in the sport clubs and why?

“As I mentioned before; the goal is trying to enhance sport performances. Even though no one analytical tool can 100% predict the match results, it can significantly influence decision making process and final team results. So in my opinion every club in the world is using statistic data in order to maximize efficiency and do their best jobs. We understand that it is used on different levels, but still is a worldwide tool.”

-  What are your forecast for usage Analytics in sport? 

We see that nowadays technology is getting more and more important: let’s think to goal line technology, the so called VAR – Video Assistant Referee. In Inter we will try to organize all our work through special software. Coming back to the question: In the future we will be able to answer some following questions: What performance impact can we expect due to Player X’s upcoming marriage? Which measurements should we record to determine whether a potential draft pick is likely to perform better or worse under pressure? And as a result we will be able to perform on our maximum potential possibilities.

Massimo says that Analytics can also be applicable for Junior League. However as in other clubs, main focus is on the first squads and academies. In the future with developing and spreading information technologies they will be able to increase investments into analytical equipment and use in equal proportions.

This year Massimo Cosentino will be one of our speakers at European Sport Analytics Summit, scheduled on on October 05 – 06, 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

On this summit he will show how other departments (as the one he manage) can use not only analytics but also technology. “For example we use them in order to try to recover solidarity mechanism, or we can use them in order to check easily the conditional salaries of professional football players (technology). I would also like to speak to a real case happened to our club: during a sport appeal against stadium ban, we tried to reduce the sanction using analytics.

Come and join Massimo Cosentino and over 15 others speakers from leading clubs and companies on European Sport Analytics Summit.

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