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Everything About Field Service Management with Alastair Clifford-Jones

Everything About Field Service Management with Alastair Clifford-Jones

Recently, we have asked Alastair Clifford-Jones, CEO and Founder of Leadent Solution, to share with us his professional opinion about Field Service management industry.

 In this interview we will find out FSM challenges, impact of FSM technologies, Leadent Solution insights and many more from Alastair.

As the Founder and Chief Executive of Leadent Solutions, Alastair is the driving force behind Leadent. The company’s values and style all stem from Alastair’s unswerving determination to deliver value for clients in a way that makes the process enjoyable, rather than painful. He has over twenty-five years consulting experience, and has built Leadent into the UK’s only consultancy that specialises in field service optimisation. Prior to becoming a founder of Leadent Solutions, Alastair was a Director at PwC, Managing Partner for Logica and the Director of Global Clients and Markets for ABeam Consulting.

Beside a successful founder, Alastair is a keen golfer, a massive fan of London Irish rugby club, and a follower of many folk/punk bands which he regularly goes to see play live. He also holds a pilot’s licence.

How are the field service technologies affecting the industry?

Technology is completely changing the way in which the industry works.  From complex scheduling of engineers or tracking parts and vehicles through to increasing team collaboration and improving customer experience. With the rise in cloud adoption and the IoT, technology in field service is completely changing the way organisations interact with their employees and customers, and is ultimately changing the way they run their business. 

How far the field-service industry come in the last 5 years?

The field service industry has come a fair way in the last 5 years. But as we continue to experience here at Leadent, there are many organisations out there, who have yet to embrace technology, or who are not utilising it to its full potential.  The industry still has a long way to go.

What are the main challenges FSM industry is facing in our days?

Customer Experience is probably the biggest challenge that the industry faces today.  The customer is more informed than ever before, and consequently their expectations are higher than ever.  The other big challenge is Data.  With the constantly expanding IoT, organisations now have massive volumes of data at their disposal. Knowing what to do with that data and how to make it actionable will be key.

What are your top tips for managing change and attaining staff buy-in to new technologies?

The faster the change process the more uncomfortable it is for the employees. Therefore, whilst managing a successful change process you need to understand how much change your employees can withstand. Carrying out a change readiness assessment is not a nice to have but a critical element of the change process. You should always look at things that have tripped up past projects, and have a contingency plan. And finally, never underestimate the importance of constant, consistent communication.

How enhanced field services are working for the customer?

Enhanced field service technologies can offer a much more rounded and more importantly personalised customer experience.  Offering them their preferred communication method, optimising their appointment time to their chosen slot, all whilst keeping them updated and informed. 

Why it is important to attend Field Service Management Summit?

Field Service Management Summit is a unique type of conference that offers you the opportunity to sit down and discuss key topics with your peers. It is 100% focused on field service and attracts high caliber delegates from Europe, USA and around the world. 

Alastair Clifford-Jones will be speaking at Field Service Management about how to exploit new technologfies in sustainable way and to drive customer service and revenue.

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