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R&D power - present situation and future prospective

Filippo Larceri is one of our valuable speakers on FMCG And Chemicals Innovation Summit.

Project manager enthusiastically fond of innovation (20 year experience in the field), intercultural environments and cross functional and creative teams. Experience in Chemical and Oil & Energy industry. Master degree in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. in 'Chemistry for Engineering' .

After 15 years (1992 – 2007) in Ansaldo Ricerche (Finmeccanica group), where he spent all his career in R&D covering time by time the role of process engineer, project engineer and project manager in the field of innovation in waste/biomass to energy processes,  in 2008 he joined Süd-Chemie (now owned by Clariant), being appointed as R&D project leader for innovative selective oxidation catalysts.

In  2010 he was assigned the task to establish a Project Management Office (PMO) within Global R&D function of Business Unit Catalysts Unit of Clariant, with the mission to establish a project and portfolio management system and with the direct responsibility of  management of strategic, complex and multisite projects.

In July 2014 he was appointed in the core team of  Clariant Innovation Excellence, corporate initiative to strengthen Clariant's innovation capabilities by Design for Six Sigma and assigned as responsible for  Business Unit 'Oil & Mining Services'.

Dr. Larceri kindly wrote, special for our readers, his personal statement in terms of his operational industry, about


R&D power - present situation and future prospective.

"Technology development power in the chemical industry has reached an outstanding level. New materials and products are launched with performances more and more impressive, in a way you could not envision some years ago. The R&D power and the ability to turn profound scientific knowledge in new products is amazing and seems to generate the perception that everything is possible.

I do personally believe that business differentiation and competitive advantages are going to come from sharp customization of offerings, with the deepest understanding of users´ needs and the possible integration of services – together with products – in the portfolio.  And at the same time high degree of sustainability of the offerings themselves. Sustainability meant as offerings enabling lower energy consumption, more efficient exploitation of natural resources, environment-friendly down-stream processes.

It is the time to business-to-human, replacing in a comprehensive way the old paradigms of business-to business and business-to consumer. Solutions able to sharply and sustainably satisfy needs. Innovation is going to be more important than ever and shall be applied with a thorough customer centric approach"

Do you want to hear more directly from Dr. Larcer ?

This year Dr. Filippo Larcer will be speaking about Innovation effectiveness in a changing and highly demanding world on FMCG and Chemicals Innovation Summit, May 18 - 19, Berlin, Germany.

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