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WACKER Silicones talk about Coatings Innovation

WACKER Silicones talk about Coatings Innovation

One of our valuable speakers for Global Coatings Innovation Summit, Dr. Jerschow with more than 20 years of experience, shared with us his professional insights about Coating Industry.

In this Interview we discussed with Peter Jerschow, Director Global Product Development Construction Silicones at Wacker Chemie AG, about main challenges, biggest trends, development opportunities, Silanes and Silicones of Coating in nowadays.

Short professional biography of Peter Jerschow

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22 years with Wacker Chemie AG

Director of Global Product Development of Construction Silicones since 2015

9 years Director Business Team heading Marketing, Technical Service and Sales for various uses silicone elastomers

11 years Technical Service for silicone rubbers

Educational background: chemistry and economics, PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Linz, Austria

What are the biggest challenges for you as a supplier to the coatings industry?

To make sure our solutions are considered in an early development stage. This is why we closely work with our customers using our global technical centers where they can see directly how our products work and get a glimpse of our development work.

What are the biggest trends in your field? 

We see three main trends: living comfort, urbanization and resource saving. The living standard is globally rising. The world is increasingly asking for eco-friendly products. Materials should provide more functionality. In the growing cities there is a strong need for more infrastructure, novel construction technologies and new materials. Also the climate change drives changes in construction technology. On the environmental side there is a call to reduce the carbon footprint, to save water, use naturally growing raw materials and resource saving products.

For our coatings this means we see increased interest in surface protection by external and integral treatment of construction materials, ecofriendly products, novel strong bonding adhesives which are odorless and do not contain hazardous ingredients. And there is a need for solvent free products.

Do you expect to see any new developments in this and next year?

We are focusing on three levels:

  1. “Molecular Level”

Knowledge about molecular structure-activity-relationships leads to substrate dependent tailor-made products and formulations.

  1. “Micro-Level”

Surface protection against water-induced damages (freeze-thaw, deterioration of coatings, chloride-ingress, alkali silica reaction…) 

  1. “Macro-Level”

Increased longevity of masonry and extended service life of infrastructure, thus sustainable solutions for building and construction.

In terms of product developments this translates into new solvent free coatings for wood and concrete treatment, breathable binders for elastic paints, resin modified polymer dispersions as new binders for paints with decreased dirt pick-up.

Primers to increase surface adhesion of adhesives and sealants to concrete.

What is the Leaching problem in nowadays?

most silicone systems are chemically crosslinked or bound. So there is not so much leaching. Through the three levels of our philosophy mentioned earlier we offer concepts to our customers who have leaching issues.

Could you share please with some insights that you will be speaking at Global Coatings Innovation Summit?

My main focus will be on Silanes and Silicones for next fields:

--- Floor coating for concrete and wood with excellent abrasion resistance and antistain performance: These products allow to formulate a 100 % system which is solvent free. As Silicones act as relase agents the new system likewise will create a surface with low tendency of tire marks and high durability. As opposed to other coatings commonly used it can be used with no special precautions and smell is limited, too. An improved version of this coating is also available for wood treatment, allowing for glossy and matt surface finish. Its release properties also help to make cleaning easier.

--- Raw materials for permanent coating systems (horizontal and vertical), examples: silicone resin emulsion paint SREP®,  and the 100 % coating base SILRES® BS 6920. The benefits of these products are their effect on the hydrophobicity of the coating and in case of the latter product the afore mentioned benefits. Essentially both contain silicone resins which positively affect the surface properties of the coating.

--- Solutions for sustainable concrete protection (infrastructure, concrete products): silanes, silane emulsions, cremes containing silanes help to protect concrete surfaces against moisture and reduce efflorescence. In case of concrete with a starting alkali silica reaction (ASR) an instant treatment helps to slow the reaction down and thus increase the lifetime of this concrete part. The main function is making the surface hydrophobic. Partially the silane migrates beneath the surface and reduces the permeability of the concrete. Examples are silane SILRES® BS 1701, and silane containing SILRES® Crème C

--- Special products act as release coatings to permanently protect surfaces from graffiti spraying. Examples are SILRES® BS 710, which was recently presented at the European Coatings Show 2017.

Dr. Peter Jerschow will be a keynote speaker on the second day of the Coatings Summit, with the topic “Silanes and Silicones for”. To find more speakers and event program please click here

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Come and visit Global Coatings Innovation Summit, scheduled on September 11-12, 2017 in Berlin, to find out more about current market trends, recent advancements, key drivers and future opportunities for coating applications market.