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Biosensors for Wearables & Medical Devices Summit
Curtis & Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the Biosensors for Medical Devices Summit scheduled on March 6th-7th in Boston, USA. The upcoming B2B event will bring together experts on the latest research in the field of biosensors for wearables and medical devices to talk about latest technologies, upcoming trends, the potential of wearable sensors for diagnostic and measuring, design, fabrication, and characterization of biosensors, how to assess the potential using AI / IoT to have digital outcomes enchanced.

Do not miss the opportunity to join the sessions on such topics as biosensors & security, photonic sensor technologies, biosensors for imaging and diagnosing, digital health, regulatory landscape for US / EU regions and many other interesting highlights! We will be glad to welcome you at the Biosensors for Medical Devices Summit scheduled on March 6th-7th in Boston, USA!


Biosensor technologies - wearable medical devices & therapeutics applications

Challenges, opportunities for Biosensor technologies

Design, fabrication, and characterization of biosensors

Wearable sensors & device applications for diagnostic testing and therapeutics

Application of artificial intelligence and biosensors

Data transmission, processing, software algorithms

Biosensors and medical devices - power systems, batteries, and energy storage 

Biosensors and regulatory landscape for US / EU regions



Pioneering academics 


Principal Investigators 

Investment Principals 

Pharma organisations 

Biosensor engineering experts

Medical Device Development professionals

Digital Health Technologies, medicine, & therapeutics

Monitoring development companies

Regulatory affairs

Wearable device companies

Biosensors service & solutions providers




Device development

Biosensor technologies

Healthcare Technologies

Keynote Speakers
Samir Shah


Director, Regulatory CMC, Medical Devices, and Combination Products at AstraZeneca 

Pedro Estrela

Professor at University of Bath

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier

Co-founder/CEO at Hexoskin 

Fabiana Arduini

Associate Professor at University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

Christine Guo

Chief Scientific Officer at ActiGraph

Gyeo-Re Han

Postdoctoral Researcher at UCLA

Huanyu Cheng

Associate Professor at Penn State Materials Research Institute 

Xina Quan

Co-Founder & CEO at PyrAmes

Geert Langereis

Program Manager Health Research at imec

Richard Bolander

Vice President of Research and Development at TracPatch

Media Partners