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2nd Annual Microbiome in Agriculture Summit
Curtis & Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Annual Microbiome in Agriculture Summit scheduled on April27th & 28th 2023 in Barcelona, Spain Plant-soil microbiome insights, with an emphasis on consortia investigations, employing big data platforms to derive causality, fermentation, and formulation challenges to speed up pipelines across many crop functionalities. Don't miss out on the chance to learn about global breakthroughs in translational microbiome research, plant-microbiome innovation and progress, and other research discoveries.

With a better understanding of these microbiomes, agricultural systems can be managed in a way that harnesses microbes' natural power to provide solutions to global challenges like food security, resource scarcity, and climate change, as well as more efficient and sustainable food production systems. We look forward to welcoming you to the Microbiome Agriculture Summit upcoming February!


Innovation and progress made in the area of the plant-microbiome

Microbial interaction in plant nutrition, disease, & stress resistance

Developments of microbial role in nutritional cycles

Regulatory updates and changes

Microbial biocontrol & biostimulant

Methods for exploring microbiomes in agriculture

Learn the rapid growth in the agricultural biologicals industry

Symbiotic bacteria in agriculture

Soil and plant microbiome in developing sustainable agriculture

Nitrogen and carbon cycling

Agricultural probiotics


Pioneering academics



Principal Investigators


Farming experts

Investment Principals

Contract research organizations

Contract manufacturing

Regulatory experts





Keynote Speakers
Tanja Kostic

Senior Research Engineer at AIT

Angela Sessitsch

Unit Head / Bioresources at Ait

Kaoutar Bourak

Post-doc at University of Liège

Jacob Malone

Group Leader at John Innes Centre

Pedro de Liñán

Regenerative Agriculture Agronomist at Biome Makers

Kuide Qin

Chief Science Officer at Verdesian Life Sciences

David Castro

Post-doc at SLU

James White

Professor at Rutgers University

Falk Hildebrand

Group Leader at Quadram Institute

Louise Bruun Thingholm

Co-Owner at BiomCare

A. Michael Klueken

Project Development Manager at Bayer Crop Science

Marcos Caballero-molada

Dr in Bio-technology at Fertinagro Biotech

Min-Hyung Ryu

Senior Scientist at Pivot Bio

Media Partners