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Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference
On behalf of Curtis & Wyss Group, it is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference scheduled on September 21st and 22nd, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. This conference is an opportunity to exchange knowledge about the most recent scientific developments in the field of Energy Storage Systems. The use of these technologies is rapidly increasing in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, utilities, and renewable energy. As a result, it is important for researchers and professionals to stay up to date on the latest advancements and challenges in this field.

During this conference, leading researchers will discuss a range of topics including the potential for energy storage to reduce the need for transmission and distribution infrastructure, advances in energy storage technologies for grid-scale applications, including Innovative financing models for grid-scale energy storage and the development of appropriate regulations. Don't miss the opportunity to learn, exchange and connect with the leading brains in the industry. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Grid-Scale Energy Storage Conference!


• The potential for energy storage to reduce peak demand on the grid.
• Case studies of successful grid-scale energy storage projects.
• Safety and regulatory considerations for grid-scale energy storage.
• Utility-scale energy storage for grid stabilization and reliability
• Developing sustainable business models for grid-scale energy storage.
• The role of grid-scale energy storage in supporting renewable energy integration.
• Energy storage in remote areas and off-grid applications.


Directors, VPs, Managers and Heads of:

• Energy Storage Technology Providers

• Renewable Energy Developers

• Utilities

• Scientists And Researchers

• Business Development


• Energy Storage Technology

• Investors

• Utilities And Grid Operators

• Renewable Energy Companies

• Academics

• Energy Storage Service

• Regulators And Policy Makers

• Financial Institutions

Keynote Speakers
Alexis Chalot

VP Storage, Microgrid and New Business
@EDF Renouvelables

Afaq Latif

Lead Data Engineer
@ Neste

Josue Munoz

Power grid Energy Storage BESS
@Hitachi Energy

Eurico Correia

Refinery Process / Operations Engineer

Christian Barba Rudolfo

International Business Development
and Storage Director
@EDP Renewables

Roberto Castiglioni

Co-Founder and CEO
@Ikigai Capital

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