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Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care Summit
Curtis & Wyss Group is pleased to invite you to the Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care Summit scheduled for September 27th- 28th, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. The upcoming B2B event will bring together various scientists and experts who want to discuss new research finding in livestock animal care, pharmaceuticals and modern technologies in monitoring, surgery, feeding and many other important topics.

Don't miss this chance to join the discussions on such topics, as product communication strategies to customers in case of Veterinary advantages and investment trends and different strategies to growth your business. discuss the regulatory updates, commercialization opportunities, and various manufacturing issues and advancements. We look forward to seeing you at the Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care Summit on September 27th-28th in Lisbon, Portugal!


• Advances in animal nutrition and feeding practices
• Updates on regulations and policies impacting livestock producers and veterinarians
• Strategies for preventing and controlling livestock diseases
• Business and investment opportunities in case of the fermentation for alternative proteins
• Best practices for managing pain and distress in livestock
• Bioprocessing advances, issues, and bottlenecks
• Integrating animal behavior and welfare in veterinary decision-making
• The economics of livestock production and veterinary care
• Innovative veterinary technologies and their applications in livestock care
• Breeding and genetics for improved livestock health and productivity


Directors, VPs, Managers and Heads of:
• Pharmaceuticals companies

• Biotechnology companies

• Veterinary and animal care specialists

• Pioneering academics

• animal feed manufacturers

• investors

• Solution Providers

• R&D Advisors

• Regulatory bodies



• Pharmaceuticals

• Animal Nutrition

• animal care and veterinary

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