3D Cell Culture Summit

February 11-12, 2021 | Berlin, Germany
The venue will be announced later.

This premier B2B event brings together industry experts from big pharma and the leading biotech companies in the field to discuss the challenges and drivers of the industry through case studies of the latest innovations in 3D Cell Culture models

Real-world examples of applications of new technologies and insights into 3D imaging and high throughput screening will be presented to give you a comprehensive this exploding and fast-growing industry.

Days of networking
Expert Speakers
Case Studies


#Advanced Сell Сulture Models for Understanding of Diseases and Substance Testing
#Translation, Clinical and Industrial Applications: How can Models be Turned Into Solutions?
#Success Stories and Current Developments both for Clinical and Industrial Applications
#The Current Gaps between 3D Models and Clinic
#Innovative Enabling Technologies: New Devices or Technologies like 3D Printing and Bioprinting open up New Possibilities

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#Complex in vitro models
#Cell and molecular science
#Disease models
#Cell technology
#Microphysiological systems
#Stem Cell Sciences
#Tissue Engineering
#High throughput screening
#3D Imaging

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#Smart Technologies
#Medical IT & Bioinformatics
#Medical Technology

More information is available in the brochure

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