Biosensors and Biodetection Summit in Healthcare

Discuss and learn about the current issues on Biosensors/Biodectors in healthcare

  • September 19 - 20, 2019. Vienna, Austria
  • Event Venue TBA


By joining this summit, you will discuss and learn about the current issues on Biosensors/Biodectors in healthcare, examine the latest advancements in research and integration and will provide attendees with state-of-the-art sensors/detectors development for medical applications. This is an opportunity for leaders from device development and manufacturers, technologists, academia, marketing and the wider service community to discuss progress and share insight on strategies. The low cost of materials and advances in nano and micro fabrication techniques within the manufacturing process have led to significant increases in the commercialization of sensors and Biodetectors for healthcare applications.


• Next Generation Medical Wearables for Clinical Use
• Advanced Design, Modeling & System Integration
• Scalable Sensor Manufacturing and Microfabrication
• Medical MEMS Devices for Improved Outcomes and Reducing Costs
• DNA Chips, Nucleic Acid Sensors and Aptasensors
• Biosensor/Biodetector Data Integration & Utilization in Real Time
• Regulatory Challenges to Commercialization




Electronic Engineer


Biomedical Engineering

Investment Stragegist

Principal Engineer

Marketing & Business Development


Analytics & Informatics

Translational Medicine

Technology Development

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