Annual Digitalization In Manufacturing Summit

September 12 - 13, 2019 / Barcelona, Spain
Hotel Acta City47 ****

Hotel Acta City47 ****

Back-to-back sessions geared to progress your biggest digital manufacturing priorities

This is an opportunity for leaders from innovation, research, technologists, academia and the wider service community to discuss progress and share insight on strategies. The capabilities of global networking continue to grow exponentially and digital transformation are evolving everywhere.

New business models consistently emerge within IoT, data analytics, digital supply chain and more. Advanced methods and technologies, big data, automation, machine learning and innovative approaches are among the research scope. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage in discussions with top-level industry experts.

Days of networking
Expert Speakers
Case Studies


#Examine the vision of Manufacturing Industry
#Consider Smart Strategies to start implementing the vision
#Discuss technical challenges, solutions and project execution strategies
#Gain more in-depth knowledge on newest technology trends
#Discover what makes the next generation great leaders

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#Digital Transformation
#Continuous Improvement
#Operational Excellence
#Smart Manufacturing
#Analytics, Big Data and IoT

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#Industry 4.0
#Internet of Things (IoT)

More information is available in the brochure
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