Annual Retailtainment Technologies Summit by Curtis & Wyss

Retail is not dead: disruptive technologies for smart retail. Shopping as an experience to leave through!

  • October 17 - 18, 2019. Valencia, Spain
  • Event Venue TBA


The digital revolution and the prevalence of collaborative social media have increased product offer and helped shoppers to buy faster and at a cheaper price. The new generation of better-informed and time-pressed shoppers has disrupted consumption patterns. During the "Annual Retailtainment Summit” we will face changes and challenges, such as: an expansion of e-commerce & online players, customer’s higher expectations, changes in a shop's role, as well as meet new trends, technologies and opportunities, take a look on advantages of developing integrated distribution strategies to remain competitive and maximize sales. And Valencia will help us with its exceptional atmosphere where vivid cultural traditions, entertainment, retail and disruptive technologies are closely interwoven into city's live matter.


• Leveraging technology, from social media to Internet of Things (IoT) to virtual reality (VR)
• Omni-channel distribution as an opportunity to generate more revenues
• Tools to support low- and high-tech foot traffic goals
• Catering for the compelling retail experience in store
• Entertainment vital to shopping center success
• IoT and Digital transformation of retail
• Influence of E-commerce on retail
• Sensor Data for retail



Global sales experts



Real Estate Leaders

Shopper Behaviorists

Management Retail experts

Digital Marketing experts

Business owners

Customer’s engagement professionals

Retail research leader

Leading Consumer experience professionals

Head of Digital transformation for Retail

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