RPA Edge World Summit by Curtis & Wyss

The next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line

  • November 28 - 29, 2019. Valencia, Spain
  • Event Venue TBA


Robotic Automation lets organizations automate current tasks as if a real person was doing them across applications and systems. RPA is a cost cutter and a quality accelerator. Therefore RPA will directly impact OPEX and customer experience, and benefit to the whole organization.


• RPA performance and ROI investment
• Re-engineering Core processes to Enhance RPA process
• Preparing for large scale, Enterprise wide RPA-Implementations
• Re-Design work and Up-Skiling Workforce for Higher-Value Tasks
• Progressing to the next level of cognitive Automation: Diving Deeper into Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Optical Character Recognition
• Partnership between Robots and People: Towards better Productivity and Efficiency
• Worldwide Experience of RPA

Robotic Process Automation and beyond : Redefining Logistics in a Smart World

Source: www.hcltech.com


Operation excellence


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Digital Transformation/Service

Process Improvement

Process Excellence/Automation

AI and Machine Learning

Innovation & Digitization

Shared Services

IT or ICT Enablement


Customer Services

Enterprise Architecture

Lean Management

Operations Transformation

Business Process Management & Outsourcing

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