Smart City Planning & Urban Design Summit by Curtis & Wyss

Building strong connections and productive cooperation between municipalities, business and society

  • November 7 - 8, 2019. Vienna, Austria
  • Event Venue TBA


Smart planning and urban design play a crucial role in building strong connections and productive cooperation between municipalities, business and society. Smart zoning is helping cities to achieve exceptional land-use goals, reduce traffic and so on, while brownfield and greenfield development becomes more and more important tool to help gentrification processes achieve various advantages such as: improving land value, socially restructuring and redeveloping unsafe and badly organized urban areas. Disruptive technologies are emerging to help build cities that are prepared for sustainable development, population growth and widespread internet access. There are limitless benefits from focusing more on smart development and urban planning & design to make city more smart: functional, ecological, connected, green and friendly place to leave, work and rest.


• Data Management and communication systems. Environmental monitoring, interactive portals. Logistics
• Smart Development to ensure wired and wireless connectivity
• Brownfield and Greenfield development
• Smart zoning. Brownfield and Greenfield development
• Environmental monitoring, interactive portals
• Disruptive technologies in urban planning
• Energy and sustainability with IoT intelligent buildings
• Personal sanctuaries in a Smart City
• Smart housing and structure innovations
• Future proofing in Smart Cities
• Smart Mobility


Local Government/Municipality

Local Government and Municipality

Real Estate Developers

Chief of Operations

Smart Cities Councils

Urban Planners & Master


Architecture & Design Firms

Head of Innovation

Engineering Contractors

Business Development

Innovation Manager

Head of Sustainability

Project Management Firms

MSmart Cities research experts

Industry associations NGOs

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