Annual Automotive Acoustics and Vibration Summit by Curtis & Wyss

The latest trends and developments in the automotive acoustics and vibration industry

  • October 10 - 11, 2019. Munich, Germany
  • Event Venue TBA


This Summit is focused on: The latest market development trends in the automotive acoustics and vibration systems, global standards, innovation challenges & expectations, sustainability, emerging markets, future trends & technological developments, etc.


• Latest innovative technologies in acoustics and vibration systems
• Insights on best practices and solutions on automotive acoustics and vibration systems
• Exhaust systems development and latest design tools
• Gaining valuable insights on how to manage new developments in NVH simulation
• Integrating the new technology in the development process of engine, powertrain and drivetrain NVH


Tire and road noise


Engine, Vehicle sound quality and brand sound body structures


Material Engineers

NVH Content

Materials Concepts

New Business/Marketing

Strategic Partnerships

Complete Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Architecture Engineering

Transient NVH Phenomena

Aero-Acoustic Noise

Experimental NVH analysis method

Advanced NVH simulations

Pedestrian warning sound by electric vehicles

Noise path analysis

Numerical methods

Passive and Active NVH Control

NVH of light-weight vehicles

Engine and powertrain NVH

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