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2nd Annual Future of Personalized Nutrition Summit
Our attendees will be engaged in productive networking and discussions with featured speakers and share experiences and feedback about effective practices they’ve deployed.

We have seen a significant increase in employee and customer concern over issues of immigration, race, gender expression, and faith. Organizations that do not address these issues risk losing great talent, cultivating toxic work environments, compromising performance, and potentially damaging the brand’s value.

The main goal of the Summit is to provide corporations, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations seeking to have a positive social impact on diverse communities, with a platform for mutually beneficial collaboration, experience and knowledge development.

Keynote Speakers
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Chairman Emeritus, Nestle S.A.
Yaakov Nahmias
Founder & CSO of Future Meat Technologies
Roland Napierala
Business Development Manager, Miele
Gil Blander
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Segterra InsideTracker
Volker Spitzer
Senior Director - Global Consumer Health R&D Solutions, IQVIA
Brian Power
Lecturer in Nutrition, UCL
Nathan Price
Co-CEO at Onegevity Health
Nard Clabbers
Chief Science Officer, FoodNed
Keith Grimaldi
Chief Science Officer, DNAFit
Michelle Barrow
Clinical Director and Academic Team Director, CNELM
Christian Sina
Professor of Nutritional Medicine, Institute of Nutritional Medicine
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